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Edgar thought about calling for help, but his cell phone was dead. Teresa tried to find hers, but as she searched, she remembered that at that altitude her cell phone would have no reception, so she begged her boyfriend to come down immediately, before whatever had attacked her friends returned.

The surviving couple came down the mountain as fast as they could and when they reached the road, they took a bus that had just stopped to let out some passengers. They were so dirty and disheveled that a little old lady on the bus looked at them with disgust. On the bus radio they were listening to a reporter interviewing a genetics expert from Harvard University:

»The world is better than ever. These new generations have taken an immense leap in evolution thanks to the responsible use of science…«. When suddenly the bus was hit by something on the roof. A deafening sound terrified all the passengers, and the bus stopped. The driver got out to see what had fallen on the roof of the vehicle and when he looked up, about a hundred and thirty feet over the hill he distinguished a large, muscular, grayish body growling like an angry lion and threatening to throw another rock about thirty inches in diameter. The driver’s reflex was good, and he sped onto the bus. He dodged the rock thrown by the strange creature and managed to escape from the scene. He pressed the bus’s accelerator to the maximum and drove rather nervously. He took a bottle of whiskey out of a brown paper bag he had in a secret compartment and drank compulsively.

People criticized him, but he kept saying that he had seen the Yeti. That he knew it and that his grandmother had also seen it when she was a little girl. Despite this, the bus passengers remained skeptical, claiming that it was surely a grizzly bear. No one except the bus driver seemed to sense the danger ahead…

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