Eduardo J. Osorio Molina (1973), studied Economic and Social Sciences at the Universidad de los Andes in the city of Mérida, Venezuela.
He has lived in the Netherlands since the beginning of the 21st century with his seven-year-old daughter.
He works in the IT world, speaks four languages, and sings and plays guitar in a rock band. His multifaceted life has allowed him to venture into the world of literature with his science fiction work ‘Las Andróctonas’, a book inspired among other things by the experiences obtained on his travels through North America and Western Europe.
The sharp competition between the two genders in the modern Western world where feminism is more prevalent have managed to stimulate his imagination.
But his imagination was stimulated from a young age thanks to science fiction movies and later his love for literature led him to read many of the best-known works of this literary genre.
With this manuscript, the author seems to have forged a fateful vision of the world, in the distant future, if it allowed itself to be seduced by the most radical feminism.