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The reporter thanked her for coming on her show, and Veronica left the television studio. She headed to the airport in her limousine and boarded a plane that would take her back to New Mexico to continue her investigations. In the meantime, the second generations were already ranging in age from twelve to thirteen. Adolescence was looming and, with it, a tremendous hormonal, physical and emotional change. So far, everything had been going very well. The results seemed to be very satisfactory and nothing seemed to indicate that things could get off course. The second generations were gleaming with health, highly intelligent and possessed highly developed musculature. They excelled in all areas and were viewed by the previous generations as demi-gods, especially the girls, since the only change the second-generation males had experienced was the attainment of impenetrable immunity.

But something was happening… Something was changing in the female second generations and that change was triggered by the arrival of menarche, which is the arrival of the first menstruation. The first second generation young woman to realize that something strange was going on was Linda Koel, in Alberta, Canada. Linda Koel was a tall girl for her age, already five feet six inches tall, even though she was only twelve years old. However, it was only three months ago that she had been five feet four inches tall. That meant she had grown two inches in three months. She had also put on ten pounds, and her muscular strength had increased so much so that she beat her brother and boyfriend in arm wrestling. A pair of pants she had bought four months ago was already too short for her, and she had already passed her boyfriend by a third of an inch in height. It all made her feel ugly and a little abnormal. Her boyfriend Tom, who was no fool, tried to make up for it all by buying boots with high heels, wearing thick insoles in his shoes, standing up straight all the time, and tried to pretend he wasn’t bothered at all by the situation so that his girlfriend wouldn’t feel bad. Tomas was a very positive boy and was crazy about Linda. But, although he didn’t show his concern, his mind was uneasy. His girlfriend had been growing a lot the last few months, and he suspected that the cause might be the presence of a tumor in her pituitary gland, which produces growth hormone, or at least that’s what he had read in an article on a medical website.

One weekend, Linda and Tom went camping with their friends Edgar and Teresa on a mountain near the city. The hike took six hours and upon arrival, the boys busied themselves with getting the right place to camp. After setting up the tents and having something to eat around the campfire, each couple went to their respective tents. Three hours later, Linda suddenly felt a wave of heat in her body. She was sweating profusely, so she took off her blanket while Tom was still wrapped in it, as the weather was getting very cold. At one point, Tom asked her half asleep:

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