Moon Riddle (My New Book)

The Moon has fascinated mankind since ancient times. Many cultures have passed down to their descendants knowledge about the Moon that is now considered myth and legend. However, modern science has been unable to explain its origin, its size, its orbit, its interior, and the shallowness of its craters. In addition, since the invention of the telescope, astronomers have reported seeing strange events through their telescopes that no one has been able to explain with certainty. Even astronauts seem to have seen things on our “natural” satellite, although many of them have preferred to remain silent. In this exciting science fiction book, Osorio tells us a story in which humans come to discover some of the best-kept secrets. What is the origin of the moon, what is hidden inside it, and what is the origin of humanity?
Although this is a science fiction book, some parts have been based on real facts and thanks to the magic of the internet you will be able to see those images with your own eyes if you wish.
When he was a child Osorio sighted a being of light in front of his house and on numerous occasions he has sighted UFO’s in the sky. No matter where he goes. The lights in the sky seem to follow him…

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