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―Aren’t you cold? ― and Linda replied in a trembling voice:

― No, I’m not cold, honey. Actually I’ m very hot, but don’t worry about it, keep on sleeping.

Tom got a little uneasy and said:

―Are you sure, honey? Hot? Are you kidding? It’ s freezing ―, to which Linda said:

― Yes, darling. Keep sleeping. I took some painkillers, and it’s getting better now.

A while later, Linda felt a huge pain in her chest and something cracked in her sternum. The girl screamed, but no one could hear her because of the overwhelming and deafening lightning storm. Her chest seemed to have become a little wider and her pectoral muscles burned. Something seemed to be tearing. But since she was half asleep and quite doped up, she tried to convince herself that it was just a nightmare. A few minutes later, she felt another pain. But this time it was her skull that seemed to widen, making parts of her face burn. And so, it happened to her several times during the night, but she kept convincing herself that it was a nightmare as a result of the fever, since a few months before she had had over forty degrees of fever and it had given her horrible nightmares.

She had already swallowed over ten painkillers to ease the pain she felt in her whole body, and she couldn’t understand why the pain wouldn’t go away. But in her confusion and exhaustion, she settled for the thought that it resulted from the long walk they had during the day. Suddenly she felt that her underwear was wet and when she wiped it off with a small piece of paper, she realized it was blood and that her first menstruation had arrived….

The next morning, the friends in the other tent woke up normally and Edgar went out to get some dry firewood to build a fire and prepare breakfast, while Teresa went to fetch water from the river. Edgar was already on his way back with a couple of dry logs when he heard his girlfriend’s panicked scream. Alarmed by the young woman’s scream, the boy immediately dropped the logs and ran to where the tents were. Arriving at the camp, Edgar saw blood stains around his friends’ tent, which was in pieces. Teresa was trembling with fear and the young man asked her to calm down because everything was going to be all right. He entered Linda and Tom’s tent, but found only Tom’s body in pieces and came out screaming in terror:

― Oh my god, oh my god no, it can’t be, it can’t be, what the fuck happened here? how can it be possible? ―, he wondered aloud, completely out of control. Teresa fell to her knees crying because she was short of breath, and at that moment she saw some large footprints on the floor. She pulled her boyfriend by his pants and Edgar saw them too. Teresa and Edgar looked for a logical explanation for what had happened and concluded that something had attacked their friends and then fled, dragging Linda’s body with it. It was probably a grizzly bear.

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