The Androktones

the androktones book by Eduardo Osorio

The Androktones is an entertaining story that unfolds in an alternate reality to ours. On a planet earth where women are genetically manipulated seeking to achieve physical equality that turns into an endless nightmare.

It is the dark story of how a feminist scientist decides to make the utopian world of an American writer of radical feminism come true. A society where women dominate everything and men practically do not exist.

Said woman manages to convince the entire world of her ability to save him from the threat of a dangerous virus that claims more victims every day and could extinguish the human race.

For this, an enzyme that modifies the human genome is injected into the pregnant mother’s womb, transforming the genes of the embryo, making it completely immune to all known pathologies.

But secretly his mysterious enzyme alters the D.N.A. of the females managing to make them grow larger than normal, have as much strength and muscle mass as the men and be physically as resistant as them.

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